Custom Made Cosmetics 

Base Products

100% Made in Japan. Skincare products made in Japan are safe, secure, clean, and high quality. We have 4 base types which can be customized according to your preferences of: after-feel, fragrance, and upgrade

FOUR BASE PRODUCTS to choose from...


All In One Gel

Works as lotion + cream + beauty lotion + foundation cream

Multiple ingredients mixed in a single powerful blend for total skin care!

Targets all the main skin concerns with specific ingredients in a single product application



Contain natural moisturizing ingredients



low-viscosity to moisturize and soften the skin



Lighter, more gel-like products absorb quickly




Complete halal vegan specification eliminating animal ingredients.  Manufactured at a special factory in Japan.  Halal certification acquisition is possible at actual cost.   Stick to your ethics thorough skin care !



Produced at Ecocert certified factory under natural specifications.   Ecocert certification is available at the cost.



Acne prophylaxis, exterminating bacteria, target pimples but gentle on the skin


Human Stem Cell

Clinically tested formula to penetrate the deep layer of the skin and produces collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin by itself and gives elasticity to the skin.    



Booster Lotion

Our unique Natural Amino Acid Moisturizing Ingredients and 3D Hyaluronic Acid Formulation help skin penetration and absorption of nutrients.   


All In One Cleanser

Thoroughly removes all traces of makeup. A gentle cleanser that erases every trace of impurities and makeup without damaging your skin's protective barrier.   Keeps skin's hydration at the perfect level, delivering a deep sense of wellbeing while recapturing all of skin’s luminosity and suppleness.


Whitening Effect Cream

Instant whitening cream for your arms, legs, and face.  It will not stain your clothe.  This is daytime whitening cream, not a permanent cream to whiten your skin.  Daytime use only


Natural Type Sunscreen Cream SPF +50


Production lead time will be 7 to 8 weeks after you confirm your order with payment. Please note for the repeat orders - Lead time will be shortened upon submission of order.


  1. Inquiry

  2. Go over: Market, Price, Requirements, Target market

  3. Production of prototypes (free of charge any number of times)

  4. Delivery of prototypes

  5. Test & feedback to complete customization

  6. Design container and box

  7. Delivery of Package prototypes

  8. Estimate of the cost

  9. Contract / Payment

  10. Production

  11. Inspection

  12. Preparation of documentation / Certificate if any

  13. Delivery



Ingredients List

Product Specification


Certificate of Origin

Manufacturing Certificate

Please request for any other specific document that you may need.  You will need to appoint a customs broker at your end.  As exporters, we can provide required documents but we cannot take responsibility of imports into your country.  We encourage all our buyers to understand the documentation process in advance prior to the production.


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